Pot Packaging Info

20 Ft. Container, 10 Pallets:

Quantities and Delivery Times for wholesale

For the wholesale market or world bulk market of highest quality regardless of quantities,  coir pots are offered in the following quantities for the global market:

  • 200 – 1’000 coir pieces for wholesale
  • More than 1’000 coir pieces for wholesale
  • More than 5’000 coir pieces for wholesale
  • More than 10’000 coir pieces for wholesale
  • More than 100’000 coir pieces for wholesale

Depending on the listed quantities above, we offer different prices for wholesale, please contact us for a specific wholesale information. For all packaging variations, please refer to here.

For Container sizes please refer container 20 Feet and 40 feet wholesale shipping containers, see paragraph further below.

Wholesale delivery options for coir pots in bulk

  • FOB
  • Ex. Work
  • CIF
  • CNF
  • Door to door

Please contact us to discuss the best option for your coir pot shipment. All our Shippments will be trackable by AWB Tracking

Wholesale documents and certificates for coir pots “Commercial Papers for custom clearance”

  1. Invoice
  2. Packing list
  3. Airway bill (Included Bill of landing)
  4. C/O (Certificate of Origin)
  5. Fumigation certificate
  6. Phyto Certificate
  7. Bill Of Lading

We have all the necessary wholesale documents (Total 7) available, which are needed by your local custom, in order to warrant a neatness delivery of your coir pot goods.

Wholesale Coir Pots
Wholesale Coir Pots

Wholesale Regions and Countries for coir pots bulk deliveries

Based on our experience we have served wholesale customers for our coir pots around the globe such as:

  • Wholesale India
  • Wholesale Bangalore
  • Wholesale Europe
  • Wholesale America
  • Wholesale Sri Lanka
  • Wholesale New Zealand
  • Wholesale Australia

We ship globally by air freight or sea freight by the most famous and reputable logistics companies. Delivery times depend on the shipping company, ranging from air cargo a few days to shipping on the sea a few weeks.

Wholesale packaging Sizes and Dimensions

Qty. of each coir pots Dimensions for coir pots             Weight Kg. of coir pots
200 Coir pots 23x30x12             1.8
200 Coir pots 48x61x14             7.0
100 Coir pots 37x66x28             7.6
200 Coir pots 44x48x19             6.2
200 Coir pots 41x52x18             6.0
100 Coir pots 32x53x16             6.4

Packaging PDF
All bulk and wholesale details like size, weight, net weight, dimensions, count,etc.

Wholesale volumes of containers for coir pots

 cm(3)/ML  L
               10            0.01
            220            0.22
               60            0.06
            600            0.60
         1’200            1.20
            450            0.45
            450            0.45
         1’600            1.60

Wholesale packaging

Packaging for wholesale coir pots depends on the customer. We can supply plain vanilla boxes or custom plastic packaging, depending on the wholesale wish of the customer. For a reference please see at the end of this page.

Wholesale Coir pots
Wholesale Coir pots

Sample Calculation of Local FOB Price (40 Ft. Container)

260 USD.  This is for Thailand Local shipping charge which will include:

  1.  Transport from my factory to Bangkok Port 100 km distance
  2.  Custom Clearance Service Charge
  3.  Phyto Service Charge
  4.  Form Service Charge
  5.  Inpector Service Charge
  6.  DOA Service Charge
  7.  Custom Clearance FEE
  8.  Gate Charge
  9.  Driver Gate Charge
  10.  Phytosanitary Certificate
  11.  Bill of Lading Fee

Total 260 USD

Wholesale Dealers and Distributors

For certain countries we may have local dealers and distributors already, please ask us. If you want to become a coir pots wholesaler for your country we are very open for good dealers in this business.

Wholesale Shipping Container: 20 Feet Or 40 Feet

20 feet or 40 feet containers are being picked up by the shipping company for direct shipping around the world, wherever your wholesale demand is coming from.

Wholesale Container Shipping
Wholesale Container Shipping

Wholesale with finished packaging

Increasingly enquired are not the single coir pots, but whole sets of pots, which can be used for efficiency gains in farming. The Soil coin is already supplied and simply water needs to be added to let expand the coin and let the seedling grow.

Coconut pots magic
Coconut pots magic

Six Coir pots in Tray, including with coconut soil coins. Add water and the coins will expand. Add the seed and your plant will grow. No heavy soil bags, etc… Additional huge beneft is the ability of coconut soil to soak a lot of water and provide the plant with ideal water supply.

Coconut pots magic
Coconut pots magic

Coconut pots magic
Coconut pots magic

Coconut pots magic
Coconut pots magic
Wholesale Coir Pots
Wholesale Coir Pots

Sample wholesale order of European Customer:

Product Qty THB Price
RCoo1               2’500           6’750          2.7
RCoo2                  750           1’125          1.5
RCoo3                  500           3’500          7.0
Rcoo4                  250           2’500        10.0
Total               4’000         13’875        21.2

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