Biodegradable Pots – Customer requirements and Feedbacks

Our initial quantity is likely to be 100,000 pots with increasing potential. However, this is not something to look into but possibly a big picture which I may explain in a nutshel. As BIRK, we are establishing a demonstrational soilless avocado nursery for wider adoption by other seedling producers in the country. At the same time, i am working in forestry program in Tanzania. The country plants around 15,000 ha annually in the Southern highland demanding about 20 million seedlings. This scale requires approximately 25 mt tones of polybags and 50,000 tones of soils including top soils from different parts, including top soils from natural forests. This presents very big environmental concerns which have alerted the government to take actions. Soilless nursery using biodegradable pots is one of the option, but which ones, price and supply reliability are issues under analysis.A similar Forestry program under the same donor operates in Kenya as well. East African countries recently made decisions to burn the use of polybags. Kenya started implementing the policy two years ago and Tanzania joined in June this year with temporal waive on agric materials. Our sister [progtam in Kenya is currently strugling on which alternative materials to raise seedlings. This is available opportunity for companies like yours with your products.
With this regard, kindly take us as an opportunity for demonstration and a plat form for your product for a wider big market if that looks as business to you in East Africa.