Biodegradable flower pots round

The biodegradable round pots are commonly used by nurseries and private gardening institutions, which require a biodegradable pot, which biodegrades within a few weeks, depending on the plant, roots will penetrate the wall and have no root shock.

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Aquaponics/Hydroponics Net Pots Biodegradable

The Aquaponics & hydroponics net pot or thin wall pot allows for optimal root penetration on a 100% sustainable and natural basis.
A highly attractive pricing model makes this product viable in the production process for hydroponics growers.

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Garden Pots

Garden pots for sale

Biodegradable pots exists in large and small sizes. Thin and Thick walls, round or squared, with cover without cover. Ask us for more information for your custom solution.

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biodegradable pots bulk

Biodegradable pots bulk

We are highly experienced in the wholesale business around the world. We use state of the art logistics company by sea or air to make sure you get your biodegradable pots delivered in no time, wherever it is in the world.

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biodegradable herb pots

Biodegradable Herb Pots

Biodegradable herb pots not only look nice but save a lot of money and create efficiency for the planters. After a while the pots can either be biodegradable in the garden or planted directly into the soil. Summarized, lots of time and money gains by using these pots instead of plastics which is not sustainable and organic.

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Biodegradable Tree Pots

Large biodegradable pots, are used for personal gardens or for nurseries which need to plant large scale trees. Nurseries save a lot of money and time to plant their trees directly with the biodegradable pot into the soil.

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Biodegradable Pots

We offer a deep and broad choice of all kinds of biodegradable products, for gifts, nurseries, large trees or plants, biodegradable nursery pots, biodegradable mini pots and biodegradable herb pots.

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Global Organic Sustainability Managers Reference

The organic biodegradable pots convinced me by their consistency and ability to biodegrade. They have different levels of thickness depending on the plants ability to penetrate pot walls.

Nik Hanston
Nursery Partners
Nik Hanston

Excellent and fast delivery of this biodegradable pot manufacturer. The biodegradable plant pots is outstanding. They have well known certificate entities, which proof: No chemicals in the biodegradable garden pots.

Ann Olie
Green Gardeners
Ann Olie

Asias Biodegradable and Organic Leader

Due to high end technology originating from the automotive industry, we have been able to manufacture impeccable biodegradable seed starter pots with highest quality and reliability standards.

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100'000 + Pots Output Global supply network
  • Design Software originating from automotive industry
  • Latest machinery for 100% automation
  • Attention to Detail

Organic Quality

  • ISO & UKAS educated Staff
  • TUV Certified
  • Accepted by US and European importers

Sustainable and healthy production

Monthly Production Automation
  • 6 Digit Nos. Monthly production
  • Revolutionary Machinery