How do biodegradable pots work


Biodegradable pots work in a very easy fashion. Depending on the consistency after a while they will biodegrate, which means merge with the soil and become soil. This effect and process is highly beneficial and does the root not inflict by¬† a so called “root shock”, normally by using conventional plastics, the root touches the pot wall and will die. By using a biodegradable pot the root is able to move freely and penetrate the pot wall.

Root Shock

Also contrary to conventional pots the plant wont suffer a replantation shock. This means when you remove the plant form it’s plastic pot and put it into the soil the plant will die. THe pot is like a house for the plant, if you remove this house, the plant suffers and dies. By using a biodegradable pot this wont transpire, since the plant can freely evolve in all the directions it requires.





Using biodegradable pots on a organic farm

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