Biodegradable Pots from Walmart, amazon, homedepot, ebay, etc..

If you want to buy your biodegradable pots form Amazon, walmart, home depot, bunnes, lowes, ebay etc., think twice, because they may be expensive and of poor quality. Why?

Think twice before buying your biodegradable pots from the big retailers

Because these pots have a middle man between the seller and the producer and this almost always add’s to tremendous costs, so much better buy the pots directly from the producer. By buying directly from the producer you will also be ensured that the biodegradable pot manufacturer is sustainable by looking at it’s certifications and company name.

Even more sense this makes if you would like to buy your pots, coir, pulp, cow, etc. in bulk, you will be able to negotiate an even better pricing.

These biodegradable pots are the same, whether you buy them in australia, new zealand, united states, canada, uk, etc. etc. they ultimately use all the same producers somewhere in India or Sri Lanka. Some of these producers have very low working standards and it’s advisable to have a closer look at their factory machinery, staff, labour treatment,etc.

So overall make sure to go through the following checklist:

  1. Who is the producer?
  2. How are his factory conditions
  3. How are his certifications
  4. Does he produce under human friendly and sustainable conditions
  5. Does he have certifications like UKAS, ISO etc.
  6. Has he installed proper systems to enable an efficient production, many producers use toxic chemicals to speed up their process in order to avoid buying good machinery, because they want to save cost

With this in mind and some  conventional wisdom, you are not only insured you pay less because of the “middle man” elimination, but you can also be ensured buying organic, sustainable and goods which were produced under environmental and human friendly conditions.

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