Are peat pots environmentally friendly?

Peat is highly hostile to todays environment, which is on the edge anyway. They do claim biodegrability and green properties, however the reality is the opposite.

In order to harvest peat, huge areas of plants and animals in peaatland areas have to be sacrified, and not to mention the million tons of greenhouse gases and other emissions being released during the harvesting process. It’s therefore completely unsustainable and damages huge areas of land.

Alternatives to peat pots

Much more beneficial and environmental friendly are pots made from natural fiber, such as the coconut pot, or other natural fiber materials. By applying such a growing methodology, resources are needed, which are do not have any harm on the environment, for example coconut fiber waste of the coconut. check out the various, green, organic and sustainable options, of coco fiber, in order to not harm the environment even more.

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