Palm fiber mat

Palm fiber mats, are cheaper than coconut mats, and superior because of it’s origin with many nutrietients from the palm oil. Use Palm oil mats for isolation of houses or erosion control in constructions.

Palm fiber mat
Palm fiber mat

Palm Fiber Mats Durability

Durability – palm fiber mat and coconut fiber mat has the same durability, the different is the place that they r using. For example in Malaysia where we have rain all year round, if the mat is used outdoor for plant mulching, then it will last around 1 year. If no water involve, then it won’t degrade so fast and will last 3-4 years


As we know water will make the natural fiber to degrade

Palm fiber mat
Palm fiber mat

Strength and density

Depended on the amount of fiber used in making the mat. For example, if we use more fiber and sew it together, the strength definitely higher. But generally coconut fiber strength is better than palm fiber.

For production we use more palm fiber to make up the strength and it make the density higher


Our thickness is 1.6cm to 2cm. It’s suitable as growing bed for most of the plant cause it retain water. Where the coconut fiber mat only a very thin layer.


We do no use any glue as binder, all natural and only fiber sew together and make the mat


  • Width is fix at 2 meter
  • We can have 1 meter too
  • The length is made in accordance to your need
  • The length currently is 10m standard
  • Meaning one roll is 10m(L) x 2m(W)
Palm Fiber Mats
Palm Fiber Mats
  • For non latex : min is 700gsm and above
  • Anything below 700 need latex to bind them together cause too thin
  • If without latex it will easily fall apart
  • Maybe they thought the thickness make a lot different in term of pricing
  • But since palm fiber is cheap, is not the material that cost a lot, it’s the production of the mat
  • Meaning if u buy 700gsm and 1000gsm, cost for palm fiber not much different, and with the production cost the same, it make the pricing will not have much different
  • You really need to know what is their usage, does it necessary need 300 or 500 gsm? If the reason is due to cheaper cost if use 300 or 500, then ask them no worry, they can use 1000 with much lower price too
  • As for life expectation : if outdoor subject to rain water it’s 1 year. If indoor 3-4 years
  • Current roll size is 2 meter (W) x 10m (L) per roll
  • Container loading will let u know shortly