Biodegradable pots for seedlings

Instead of using environmental hostile plastic pots for seedlings, it’s much more cheap and efficient using biodegradable pots for seedlings, why? Because by having biodegradable pots, the seedlings wont face any rootshock, the water can drain easily and the plant won’t have the “replanting shock”, all key arguments, which overall make biodegradable pots for seedlings much more productive.

biodegradable pots for seedlings
biodegradable pots for seedlings


How to use Biodegradable pots for seedlings

  1. Put a coconut soil coin in the pot of the tray. alternatively the tray is sold and equipped already with such a pellet
  2. Add water
  3. Wait a few days
  4. Wait until the pot starts to biodegrade and the roots penetrate through the pot wall
  5. If this happens plant the whole seedling directly into the soil.