Biodegradable Pots Binding Agent

This letter is with reference to the telephonic conversion we had on, on Ammonia used as preservative in Latex from coagulation.

NH3 or Ammonia is used in natural latex as preservation to prevent it from bacterial action and coagulation of latex.

Before using the Latex, we release the NH3 by stirring (aerating) the Latex and there by releasing the gas, At this stage the maximum

NH3 content will be at below 0.02 per barrel. If we are use without the de-ammonization, it can be very uncomfortable for the workers in the factory.

Our final product do not have any Ammonia and we have already submitted test report from TUV. Which can be found here

The Ammonia concentration of 0.02 per Barrel, is that small that it disappears in the manufacturing process.

Also what has to be considered: Global “Organic Certifications” are always defined in terms of “bandwidths”. There is always a very small fraction, of any kind of substances existent in any material.

Thats why bandwidths have been set as a standard, whereas the 0.02 would definitely be in line with any defined organic bandwidth and therefore the pots are considered as organic.